Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

If Registrar's Office is installed: 

  1. Verify that the dates for grade based billing fall within the current Academic Year:
    1. Open Registrar's Office, Configuration and click Academic Years. 
    2. Note the dates for the current academic year. 
    3. Open Student Billing, Administration, and click Generate Transactions Automatically. 
    4. Be sure that the field "For grade based billing, use the students grade as of" contains a date within the current Academic Year.
  2. Ensure each student has a Student Progression Entry:
    1. In Registrar's Office, in Records, Students and open a student for which transactions are being generated and show with an error on the pre-generation report.
    2. Select File, Student Progression Entry from the menu bar.
    3. If a Student Progression Entry does not exist for the current Academic year, create a Student Progression Entry for the student.
    4. Repeat for all applicable students.

If Admissions Office and Registrar's Office are not installed: 

  1. In Configuration, click Promotion Schedule. 
  2. In the Next Grade Level column, enter the grade that comes after the grade in each row. For example, Grade Level: First and Next Grade Level: Second.