The Advisor Assignments report lists students and their advisors. When generating the report, you can both filter and sort the data by student or by faculty/staff. The report looks at student progression entries for the selected school and academic year to find advisor assignments.

  1. In Reports, click Faculty/Staff start a new Advisor Assignments report.
  2. On the General tab, select a School and Academic Year.
  3. In the Display Using field select whether to generate the report using the student’s progression entry advisors or the grade level advisors. Your choice determines what displays in the advisor column and how to sort/break the report on the Format tab.
  4. On the Filters tab, you can filter the records appearing in the report.
  5. On the Columns Tab select the columns to appear on a report.
  6. On the Format tab, determine how the report appears. You can select to Sort or Break on such fields as Advisor name.
  7. Click Preview.