1. In Records, open the appropriate record and compare the existing record to the new record you are entering to verify an existing record does not already exist.
  2. If the record is not a duplicate record, edit the duplicate criteria used to search for duplicate records:
    1. Open Configuration and click Business Rules
    2. Highlight the record type that is being entered
    3. Review the Duplicate criteria and adjust the criteria that is erroneously causing the program to think that the new record is a duplicate.
      For example add more the fields than the first and last name to prevent records with common names like John Smith from meeting the duplicate criteria, such as Middle name, Address, or SSN.
  3. Reenter the record.
If the duplicate record warning is received when adding a record that is not a duplicate, click Save when the warning appears to save the new record.
For more information, refer to How to find and prevent duplicate records (BB61970)