1. On the Mail page, click Labels and Envelopes
  2. Select Labels and click New
  3. On the General tab, select an option in the Create labels for field. You can select Applicants, Applicant Relationships, Students, Student Relationships, Faculty/Staff, Individuals, or Organizations.

    Label parameters


  4. In the Label type field, select the type of label to print
  5. In the Label font field, select the font type
  6. In the Font size field, select the size
  7. Select the row and column in which to start printing the labels
  8. Select the Fields to Include tab to identify the fields to print on the label, such as student name, student ID, and student birth date

    Note: You can order the fields with the up and down buttons at the bottom of the Fields to Include box
  9. Select the Filters tab to define the records to include. For example, you can include only specific organization types.
  10. Select the Attributes tab to add, delete, or update an attribute on the included records
  11. Select the Address tab to define the address parameters. For example, you can validate addresses as of today, tomorrow, or a specific date. And, you can define the order in which the program considers addresses.
  12. Select the Format tab to determine the look of the labels. For example, you can omit punctuation, print the address in all capital letters, and designate the number of lines to skip before printing the first line.

    Note: To print one label for each married couple, mark the Combine labels for each spouse pair checkbox. This option appears only if you selected a relationship record type in the Create labels for field on the General tab. 

    Note: To print one label for each family, mark the Combine labels for each spouse pair and Combine labels for Applicants/Students with the same related relations options.