AddressFinder does not make your lists 100% deliverable. While many factors determine the overall quality of your mailing lists, AddressFinder helps you in reducing the amount of undelivered or delayed mail. Since the NCOA database contains 48 months of move data, you can receive new addresses from AddressFinder that are not available from other methods (such as Address Correction Requested, which is only available for 12 months after a move). Refer to Knowledgebase solution What are the match rates for AddressFinder? (BB317534)  for information regarding the match rate you should receive for AddressFinder.


Some reasons an address may not update include:

    • The constituent did not fill out a change of address card when he moved
    • The constituent closed his PO box without providing a change of address
    • The constituent moved to a foreign address, which is not tracked by the United States Postal Service
    • The constituent filled out the change of address card incorrectly
    • The constituent filled out the change of address card for a temporary or seasonal move. The AddressFinder screening does not track these changes.
    • The name and address that you provided are not an exact match in the United States Post Office (USPS) NCOA database (BB22555), so the updated information cannot be found. This is true of all NCOA update services, not just AddressFinder. This is due to the Postal regulations regarding NCOA processing and apply to all NCOA providers equally. For more information on the match criteria, refer to How does AddressFinder (US version) match addresses?  (BB121280)

    For example, the NCOA database contains 'John Doe' at '123 First St Apt 101' and your Database contains 'J. Doe' at '123 First St.'

    No match is made because: - The name is not complete - The address is missing the apartment number.


    Note: When an address is returned after being updated through an automated process, the mail carrier may include the corrected address on the package using a yellow sticker. The mail carrier is able to do this because he is familiar with the route and the different ways a person is addressed (e.g. William, Will, Bill, Billy) and also knows how the address should be spelled. Mail carriers are able to perform a manual search of the NCOA database. This manual search process is only available to mail carriers; it is not available to any NCOA update service.

    The AddressFinder service is updated by the Post Office weekly however there can be a difference in time between when the individual submitted a change of address to the Post Office and when this becomes available to the National Change of Address database. Since the address has been updated with the Post Office the mail will still be forwarded to the appropriate address and will be updated later in the National Change of Address database.