Error: Invalid GL account number or Please enter a valid Project ID when posting adjustments

Error: Invalid GL Account number
Download and run the UpdateGLAccountNumber plug-in

Alternative Solution:


    • Click Configuration, General Ledger
    • Verify the correct debit and credit accounts are listed for the appropriate fund for the gifts and that the GL accounts are active. Make any necessary corrections and re-post.
    • If the GL numbers are correct, then make note of the values on this screen so they can be re-entered later
    • Unmark the Blackbaud General Ledger is present checkbox
    • Post the transactions to an export file
    • Manually update the account numbers in Excel
    • Import the transactions into the Financial Edge
    • Click Configuration, General Ledger
    • Mark the Blackbaud General Ledger is present checkbox
    • Re-enter the values on this screen as noted in step 2


      Manually add the transactions into the journal entry in the Financial Edge with the correct account numbers


     Duplicated in version 7.71.936

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