1. Enter a charge for the client in the amount of the original payment that was returned by the bank.
  2. On the GL Distribution Tab of the charge, enter the cash account to which the original payment was deposited. This creates reversing transactions for the original payment.
    To find the cash account:
    1. Open Banks and open the bank record.
    2. Click Edit Account Details and look at the Accounts Receivable line on the Bank tab.
    Note: If you enter the cash account for the transaction, verify your business rule is set to allow a non-bank transaction to the cash account.
  3. Add any additional charges or NSF fees.
  4. When the payment is rendered for the NSF check, add a new payment.

Note: While voiding the original payment is possible, it changes the amount of the original deposit and may cause reconciliation issues.

Note: Do Not Post Adjustments may be needed depending on your reconciliation procedures.