Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Add the user to a security group.
  2. If the Security by Constituency checkbox is marked, have someone with rights to edit this record edit the constituency codes so the user experiencing this issue can edit the constituent.
    Remove the Security by Constituency or edit it to give the user rights to open this constituent record (e.g. Give the user edit rights to the appropriate constituency codes).
  3. Add a new user name with the same security rights as the problem user in The Raiser's Edge. If this corrects the issue, review What to consider before deleting a user name (BB55385) and delete the problem user name.
  4. If this error is being received after creating a constituent record using a Deceased Business Rule, This is planned to be resolved in Raiser's Edge 7.96. It will be released and applied to databases in Blackbaud Hosting Services in fall 2016. For further updates on this release, please refer to our Release page