To add the advance deposit:

  1. In Records> click Advance Deposits.
  2. Click Bill for an Advance Deposit.
  3. In the Advance deposit for grid, enter a record name, identification number, Social Security number, or Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number.

    Note: You can enter data only in the first column on the left. To move a column to the left, drag the column heading to the left until a red insertion mark appears in front of the first column. When you release your mouse button, the moved column appears on the left side of the grid.
  1. In the Transaction date field, enter the transaction date.
  2. In the Due date field, enter the due date of the advance deposit.
  3. In the Item/Description field, enter an item or use the binoculars to locate an item.
     Note: An Advance Deposit Billing Item (BB202965) must be defined in Configuration before it can be added to records. If a Billing Fee does not exist, it can be created on the fly from the Student record
  4. Enter an Amount for the advance deposit.
  5. You can enter a Comment for the advance deposit. Information you enter in this field is printed on statements.
  6. Mark the Hide this transaction on printed statements checkbox to hide the advance deposit on printed statements. Note: The amount of the advance deposit will still be included in the total amount on the statement
  7. At this point the advance deposit can be saved and closed, or additional information can be added using the other tabs:.
    • Use the Payments/Credits tab to designate the student, individual, or organization records who are responsible for advance deposits, apply payments and credits to reduce the balance due, and specify the amounts due from each record. The Payments/Credits tab is also used to Add and Edit applications for the Advance Deposit.
    • On the Schedule tab, set the schedule for generating credits from an advance deposit record. If a Schedule was entered on the Billing Fee in Configuration, it will automatically default on the Schedule tab when the Advance Deposit is saved.
    • Enter the GL distribution on the GL Distribution tab. If a GL Distribution was entered on the Billing Fee in Configuration, it will automatically default on the GL Distribution tab of the Advance Deposit.

      Note: This distribution will be the default distribution for the credits generated from the advance deposit. The advance deposit itself does not post to General Ledger.
    • Use the Apply To tab to designate the records that should receive the advance deposit credits, and specify which charges the advance deposit credits can be applied to based on certain restrictions.


Note: An Advance Deposit can also be entered from a Payment record (BB230156)
For more information, refer to What journal entries are created for Advance Deposits (BB244226)