1. Create a student export
  2. On the Filters tab, filter on the Students from which to export Progression Entries
  3. Select the Output tab
  4. Expand Student, Student Progression, and select the field(s) to export

    Note: When the first field is selected from under Student Progression, the Student Progression screen appears:
    1. On the General tab, select the number of Student Progression Entries to be exported per student
    2. On the Filter tabs, select appropriate filters.  For example, to export Student Progression Entries for 2005-2006, in the Include column for Academic Year, choose Selected from the drop-down menu and select the 2005-2006 Academic year
    3. Click OK to return to the Output tab of the export
  5. Select the remainder of the Student Progression Entry fields to export
  6. Click Export now
  7. Enter a name for the export and select a location to which to save the file, and click Save