Starting Point: Editing your Email or Formatted Text and Image Content
Note: if you want to hyperlink text or an image, you must first highlight the text or image
  1. Click Insert>Link
  2. Select your link type
    • Create Link to NetCommunity Page: Select this option to link to a Blackbaud NetCommunity Web page.
      1. Click the binoculars icon to search for your page
      2. Search for and click the page you want to select
      3. Click Select
    • Create Link to Special Page: Select this option to link to a page such as the Login Page or Email Preferences, for example. Select the special Blackbaud NetCommunity page to link to from the drop-down menu.
    • Create link to an anchor in this document
    • Create Other Type of Link: Select this option to create a link to another website.
      1. In the Type field, select the prefix for the other site, for example, http
      2. In the URL field, enter the exact path to the Web page
    • Remove Existing Link: Select this option to remove a link from a page or to change an existing link to a new link.
  3. (Optional) To open this link in a different window, specify a name for it. All the links with the same window name will share the same window. For example, New in the box to open the link in a new window.
  4. Click Insert

How to create a link that will set the focus on a section within a page