1. In Reports, click Transaction reports and open a new Account Activity Report
  2. On the Format tab, highlight Detail
  3. Select Report By Payer
  4. Select Report in Detail and Show Transaction Details
  5. Mark the Show credits/payments with their associated charges checkbox
  6. Highlight Sort/Break
  7. Sort by these three criteria in this order: Payer Name, Recipient Name, and Transaction Date


  1. In Reports, highlight Transaction Reports
  2. Highlight Transaction List Reports and click New
  3. On the General tab, select to include only Payments
  4. On the Filters tab, select the appropriate payment owners
These options will allow the report to show each of the students that the parent pays for, and also show the Payments and Credits for each of those students.  There will be a separate Balance for each Student, with a grand total for the parent.