If creating or voiding a check:
  • It is not possible to post to a fiscal period that has been hard closed
  • If the period has only been soft closed:
  1. Open the soft closed period
  2. Post the transactions
  3. Reclose the period

If posting to a future fiscal year, Make sure the next fiscal year has been defined:
1. In General Ledger go to Configuration
2. Select Fiscal Years
3. Select New Fiscal Year if the Fiscal year you are trying to post to has not been defines.

If creating a Bank Draft for multiple invoices: 
1. Open each invoice to be paid by the Bank Draft
2. Confirm the Due date listed on each invoice
  • Bank Drafts pull their payment date from the oldest original scheduled pay date from all invoices on the bank draft. This would be the due date of the invoice when it was originally entered.
  • For additonal information, review Incorrect payment date defaults on bank drafts