The Receipt Status field is used to track whether a gift has been or should be receipted. It works in conjunction with the Receipts function in Mail.  The three options are:

    • Receipted: Select this option if the gift has already been receipted. If running Receipts from Mail, you can automatically update the status from Not Receipted to Receipted.
    • Not Receipted: This is the most commonly used status when entering the gift. It indicates that the gift should be receipted but it has not yet been receipted. (Note: Only tax-deductible gifts should be receipted.)
    • Do Not Receipt: Select this option if the gift should not be receipted. For example, your organization is selling tickets at face value to a concert and are tracking the purchase as a gift with a gift type of Other. It is not tax-deductible so no receipt should be generated. This ensures that a receipt does not print for this gift.