In Mail, you can save multiple checklist letter parameter forms. You can select to send the letters to applicants or their relations. You can select to send a letter for each applicant, each checklist item, or each track.



  • To print a checklist letter for one applicant, select the applicant name on the Filters tab
  • To print only one letter for married parents, you must mark the Combine letters for each spouse pair checkbox in the Details section on the Format tab

To create a checklist letter:

The following example describes how to create a checklist letter for applicant relations.

  1. On the Mail page, click Letters
  2. From the list on the left, select Checklist Letters
  3. Click New on the action bar
  4. On the General tab, in the Send letters to field, select Applicant Relationships
  5. In the Create letters for field, you can select each applicant, each checklist item, or each track
  6. Select the other options on the General tab as appropriate. For example, select the checklist request date and completion date and whether to include only checklist items overdue by a specific number of days.
  7. Select the Fields to Include tab
  8. You can select fields from the following categories: Applicants, Addresses, Secondary Addressees/Salutations, Relationships, and Checklist.
  9. Select the Filters tab to narrow the records included in the process.
  10. Select the Relationship Filters tab to narrow the relations included in the process. For example, you can filter by relationship type (such as Father and Mother), related applicants, related students, and related organizations.

    Relationship Filters tab

  11. In the fields at the bottom of the tab, you can select to ignore, include, or exclude relations listed as an emergency contact and/or living with the student
  12. Select the Attributes tab to add, delete, or update an attribute on the included applicant records
  13. Select the Address tab to define address criteria. For example, you can validate addresses as of a specific date and consider seasonal addresses.
  14. Select the Format tab
  15. In the Detail section, you can mark the following checkboxes: Omit punctuation from mailing, Print in ALL CAPS, Combine letters for each spouse pair, and Combine letters for Applicants with the same related record

    Detail section

    Note: To print only one letter for married parents, you must mark the Combine letters for each spouse pair checkbox
  16. In the Sort section, select the sort fields. For example, select Applicant ZIP Code Ascending as the primary sort and Applicant Name Ascending as the secondary sort.
  17. Select File, Save from the menu bar
  18. Name and save the letter parameter form
  19. Select File, Merge
  20. On the Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard screen, click Next
  21. Mark Perform a simple mail merge using only one document or Perform a conditional mail merge using multiple documents.

    Note: The following steps describe how to create a simple mail merge.
  22. Click Next
  23. Click Create merge document
  24. On the blank letter, enter the introduction and body of the letter and, where appropriate, click Insert field to select each merge field to include
  25. Click Save and return
  26. Click Next
  27. In the Save document as field, enter the document path and name
  28. Click Finish to create the merged document
  29. When processing is done, the merged document appears on the screen