Because Advance Deposits may be due in an upcoming school year, including the Advance Deposit charge in the current record balance will incorrectly reflect what is due for the current school year.

To exclude Advance Deposits and payments applied to advance deposits from the student's Activity tab or statements, follow these steps:

To exclude advance deposits from the Activity tab:


    To exclude advance deposits from statements:

    • In Records, open the student record and select the Activity tab.
    • Click Filters.
    • In the Include column for Transaction types, choose Selected.
    • Use the arrows to move all transaction types except Advance Deposits to the Include these transaction types box.
    • Click OK to close the Selected Transaction Types screen, then click OK to close the Activity Filters screen.
      • In Administration, select Globally change records.
      • Highlight Advanced Deposits. Click New change.
      • Under Available fields, select Advanced Deposit, Hide this transaction on statements. Select to Replace Unchecked with Checked.
      • On the Filters tab, choose any needed filters.
      • Click Preview Changes to view a report of records that will be changed. If records are correct, click Change Now.
      *Note: In order to hide the Advance Deposit and the payment that is funded by, the two must be applied to each other.

      1. Create a product and billing item query.
      2. On the Criteria tab, expand Product and Billing item and highlight Billing item type. Click Select.
      3. Select the Operator Does not equal and the value Advance Deposit.
      4. Select any other appropriate Sort or Output fields and save and close the query.
      5. In Mail, select the statements to run.
      6. On the Filters tab, select the query created above.
      7. Run statements as usual.

        Note: If statements are still incorrect, the mail parameter may be corrupt. Create the existing parameters in mail with a new name and run sample statements. If the new statement runs successfully, delete the old saved statement parameters  If Advance Deposits are not fully paid, they will also not show in the Scheduled Activity view of the student's Activity tab.