1. In Administration, click Set up system security.
  2. Click New Group or open an existing group.
  3. Select Faculty Access for the Web as the Group Type.
  4. Select the appropriate settings for Group Privileges.
  5. Save and Close the new group.
  6. Add or open an existing user.
  7. For User Type, select either 'User can only access online modules' or User can access Education Edge and online modules.
  8. Highlight the group selected in step 2 and click the single right arrow to move it under Member of.
  9. Select the Online Security tab.

Note: Marking the FAWEB Supervisor Rights checkbox on the User Information tab automatically inactivates the Online Security tab. A user can either have Supervisor rights or be an FAWeb teacher and administrator.
  1. Mark the checkbox for Faculty Access for the Web under Online Systems.
  2. Click the binoculars under Faculty/Staff record to link to and search for the teacher's faculty record.
  3. Complete other applicable fields such as User Name, Description and password information.
  4. Save and close the new user.


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