1. In Mail, click Forms

  2. Select Single Statements or Statements

  3. Create new, or open the existing statement parameters
  4. Select the Format tab

  5. Expand the Name Formats folder

  6. Select Statement Recipient, Statement For, or Statement Body to format names for that area of the statement

    Note: Statement Recipient and Statement For formats how names appear in the header. Statement Body formats how names appear in the body area of the form.

  7. To format Organization names, in the Organization frame, mark Organization ID, CFDA #, and Contact name for these items to appear after the organization name.

  8. In the Individual and Student frames, select Record or Configuration in the Select addressee/salutation from [ ] field

    • If you select Record, in the Use field, select the full name, primary addressee, primary salutation, directory name, diploma name, informal addressee, or informal salutation as defined on the individual or student record.
    • If you select Configuration, in the Use field, select from one of the formats defined in Configuration.

  9. In the If not present, select addressee/salutation from field, you can select a second name format for situations where the first selection is not present on individual or student records. For example, if you select Primary salutation, and you have students without a Primary salutation defined on the Addressees/Salutations tab, the second name format is used.

    Note: If you select <Full name> in the Use field or Configuration in the Select addressee/salutation from field, this field is disabled.
  10. Preview or print the statements