You can set record ID's as required or not required in Configuration, Business Rules. You can also select to prevent data entry to the record ID field. When the option to prevent data entry to the record ID field is selected, the field cannot be edited without removal of the business rule, and this makes the field required.

You can make the following ID fields required and uneditable:

    • General Ledger:

      • Fund*

      • Project

      • Grant

      • Visual Chart Organizer template

      • Accounts Payable:

        • Vendor

        • Purchase Order

        • Accounts Receivable:

          • Individual/Organization

          • Invoice

          • Return

          • Student Billing:

            • Student

            • Individual

            • Organization

            • Fixed Assets:

              • Asset

              • Payroll:

                • Employee

                *The Fund ID length is not definable in business rules; it is defined under Account setup.

                Edit the Business rules to Automatically generate record ID's, select a starting number, define their length, and prevent the ID numbers from being changed or deleted:

                  • Click Configuration on the navigation bar.

                  • Click Business Rules.

                  • Highlight the record type.

                  • To automatically generate IDs, mark the checkbox before Automatically generate [record] ID's starting with and enter the starting number.

                  • To prevent the ID number from being changed, mark the Prevent Data Entry to the [record] ID field checkbox.

                  • To define the length* of the record, enter the record length in field titled [Record] IDs are [ ] characters long.

                  If the box to automatically generate [record] IDs is checked, IDs are manually assigned. If the box to prevent data entry is also unmarked, the field can be edited.