Possible causes:

  • The Directory part does not have any fields selected for the Listing Fields (the actual search results).
  • The Raiser's Edge query used as the basis of directory contained no records
  • The Raiser's Edge query used has been renamed or deleted in The Raiser's Edge
  • One of the fields used in the search criteria is marked as private on the constituent's Blackbaud NetCommunity account. When Blackbaud NetCommunity users have a field marked as private then searching on that field will not return the constituent in the results.
  • The record in the Raiser's Edge/Education Edge has incorrect data (such as 'Middle School Teacher' instead of 'Middle School')
  • The Raiser's Edge query contains an "ask" operator
  • The NetCommunity Services are not running

Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Edit the Directory part
  2. Verify the query being used still exists in The Raiser's Edge and it has the same name as what is shown when editing the Directory part.
  3. Verify the query being used in the Directory part contains records when run from within The Raiser's Edge, or create another query to use
  4. Add <Bio.Full Name> to the Listing Fields (in the bottom-right frame), or any appropriate fields which should display in the search results
  5. In Administration, Field Options, verify the field has the Public By Default checkbox marked. When marked, future users will automatically have this field as public.
  6. Check The Raiser's Edge/Education Edge to confirm data is entered correctly on records that are not found.  Correct any inconsistent data.  ('Middle School' vs 'Middle School Teacher' or a misspelled name)
  7. If an "ask" operator is used in the query, edit the query so that different criteria are used.