Note: Support for Accounting for Nonprofits 6 ended December 31, 2007. Support for Student Billing 6 and Payroll 6 with The Financial Edge ended September 30, 2008. The Financial Edge, version 7 of our accounting software, is a benefit of your Blackbaud maintenance plan. We offer several customizable options to help you convert to The Financial Edge. Please contact your account manager.

Make an adjustment to the 1099 amount to correct the distribution for that vendor


Delete and recreate the invoice with the correct distribution:
  1. Delete the invoice

    Note: If the invoice is paid:
    1. Void the check , selecting to delete the invoice
    2. If check was posted, post to General Ledger to post the reversing entries

    3. Purge the voided checks

  2. Recreate the invoice with the correct 1099 Distribution
  3. Recreate the payment for the invoice with the original information

  4. Print the check to blank paper

There will not be an end-of-year update for 1099s in Accounts Payable 6. If your organization did not convert to The Financial Edge before December 31, 2007, you must use the 1099 Activity Report to manually create 1099 forms. To file 1099s electronically, manually create the magnetic media file to ensure compatibility with new IRS regulations. According to IRS guidelines, you must file 1099s electronically or magnetically if you have more than 250 returns.