With billing groups, you can quickly add or update student, individual, or organization records. You can also use this feature to create links and relationships among associated records. For example, you can add records for an entire family at one time. You can link these records and copy address and billing information from one record to all the others.


  1. In Administration, click Manage Billing Groups
    • To add a record using billing groups:
      1. From the drop-down menu, click Add New Student, Add New Individual, or Add New Organization
      2. After clicking Add New [Record Type], the record type selected, for example New Individual, appears in the Records box on the left, enter biographical information in the fields that appear on the right
    • To update an existing record using billing groups:
      1. In the Record Name field, enter the individual name or click the binoculars to locate the individual record to update.
      2. Click the down arrow next to Load all associated records and select Load only selected record. Biographical information for the individual appears.
      3. Add or make changes to biographical information
  2. Select the Defaults tab
    1. Click Payers to define payer information for the individual
    2. Click Statements to define statement recipient information
    3. Click Billing Defaults to add billing defaults
    4. Click Relationships to add relationships
  3. Select the Addresses tab to add address and contact information for the individual
  4. Click Finish and New to save and close the individual record and open a new billing group automatically, or click Finish and Close to save and close the individual record

    Note: If adding a new record, there is also an option to search for Duplicate Records