In Configuration, you can establish billing schedule templates. With these schedules, you create tuition payment plans you can reuse on billing item records.

For example, you can define schedules that create charges or credits on a quarterly, 10-month, twelve-month, one-pay, or even a split percentage basis such
as 60/40.

After you create schedules, you can use them to save time when creating billing
items such as advance deposit, financial aid, TRP, and automatic billing items.
Instead of manually entering a new schedule for each item, you can select an existing schedule and it appears in the grid.

  1. In Configuration, click Schedules

  2. Click New Schedule

  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the schedule

  4. In the Number of dates field, enter the total number of payments for this

  5. To create a schedule that has irregularly scheduled billing dates, or to manually enter all billing dates, in the Date column, enter the dates of the charges or credits


    To quickly create a recurring schedule, click Create Schedule
    1. In the Frequency field, select Annually, Monthly, Semi-monthly, Weekly, or Irregular as the frequency of the charges or credits. Other fields appear for you to select the recurring date of the charges or credits. An irregular payment schedule generates charges or credits for any dates and amounts you enter in the payment grid.

    2. In the Starting on field, enter the date of the first invoice

      Note: If you selected Irregular, this field is locked and cannot be edited

    3. To update the grid after making changes, click Update

    4. When you finish entering schedule information, click OK to return to the Add Schedule screen

  6. In the grid, in the Percent column, enter the percent of the total that is due for each payment date. If all payments are the same amount, click Distribute Evenly.

  7. To save the schedule and return to the Schedule page, click OK