For Hosted Clients

1. Click Plug-ins on the navigation bar
2. Click Miscellaneous and double-click on Product Details
3. Click Create and a Notepad text file appears listing the installed modules and optional add-ons

Note: To obtain the file, Contact Support via Chat Support and reference this article. Please be prepared to provide the name of the application server you are connected to in Blackbaud Hosting Services.



For Non-Hosted Clients:

From the Blackbaud Management Console:

  1. Open the Blackbaud Management Console.
  2. Highlight the database name.
  3. The number of licenses is listed on the right in the Properties box.

In The Financial Edge, The Education Edge, or Blackbaud Student Information System:
  1. In Plug-Ins, click Miscellaneous.
  2. Click Product Details.
  3. Click Create.
  4. A text file is created (on the root of your hard drive, e.g. C:\) and displayed.

*Note: User licenses are not shared between The Education Edge and The Financial Edge.  For example, if an organization has 4 user licenses for The Financial Edge and 5 user licenses for their education software, they can potentially have 9 users logged into the program at the same time.  However, users who have rights to both modules will take up a license for each product when they log into the program. This includes the Supervisor, users with Supervisor rights, and users in a security group which has rights to both products. 

If any of this information is incorrect, contact contact your Account Representative for assistance