The assignment grade is averaged into the Category averages and the overall marking column average grade even though the actual assignment grade does not yet show.

  • For example:

    If there are two homework assignments in a category called Homework:
    1. Show Grade for HW 1 is 5/2/05 (in the past) and the student received 100% on that assignment.
    2. Show Grade for HW 2 is 5/6/05 (in the future) and the student received 80% on that assignment.

    If Today's date is 5/2/05, in NetClassroom, you will see the 100% but not the 80%.  However, the Homework Category Grade will show as 90% and the Marking Column Grade will show as 90% (B).

To prevent parents and students from seeing the running average on the Assignment Grades page:
  1. Log into NetClassroom as Supervisor (NetClassroom version 6) or Click Configuration, NetClassroom (NetClassroom version 7).
  2. Select Features.
  3. Unmark the Running Total for Relations and Students checkbox.
  4. Click Save Feature Availability.
  5. The Marking Column Grade and Category Averages will no longer appear in NetClassroom on the Grade Assignments page.

    Note: This setting affects all users and class grades

To prevent a specific assignment grade from factoring into the averages:
  1. In the FAWeb gradebook, select Setup and Assignments.
  2. Change the Factor for this Assignment to 0.

Note: Changing the factor for the assignment to zero will exclude the assignment from the category or marking column averages, meaning the averages may not be accurate.  Change the factor for the assignment back to the original setting at the time the grade should be reflected in NetClassroom or update the category and/or marking column averages manually to ensure the average is accurate.