Using the Documents part type, you can easily upload documents of any type to your website and share the information. For example, you can upload a Microsoft Word document (*.doc file type) of your Board Meeting minutes. You can include a message to display on the website page that provides details about the information the document contains. For your Board Meeting minutes Word document, you can include "Board Meeting minutes from 05/30/2005. Please call the office if you have questions or comments."

The ability to upload Documents is based on security rights. For example, users with manager rights can approve and delete documents. 
 How to create the part:
1. Navigate to Site Explorer - Parts and click New Part
2. Enter a name for the part in the Part Name field, select Documents from the Part Type drop down menu, and click Next
3. Optional fields can be completed on the Design tab of the part.  A value for Maximum File Size must be specified and is 4096 by default.
How to upload a file:
Once the part has been placed on a page, preview the page containing the Documents part while logged in to Blackbaud NetCommunity as a site administrator. While viewing the page, the Add text (or whatever was specified for the "Text to show as 'Upload Button") can be seen to the far right of the Title. From here, you can select your file to upload and specify the Name and Description for the uploaded file.
Would you like to add a link to a file without having to show the Documents Part on a page?

Note: To prevent possible Denial of Service attacks, there is a limit to the size of the files you can upload. The default is typically set around 4,000 KB, but can be adjusted up to 10,000 KB. We do not recommend going over this size. This limit is specified on the Document part itself. If you need the document upload size limit increased temporarily, please see - How to Increase the Maximum File Size Permitted for File Uploads to Blackbaud NetCommunity.

Note: The documents part does not come with smaller packages of NetCommunity such as Spark.