1. On the Periods tab of the Timetable, click Expand all
  2. View all period times and verify that:
    • Period times do not overlap. You can define overlapping meeting times in patterns to accommodate the need for overlapping periods.
    • All a.m. and p.m. entries are correct. You can use military time to ensure times correctly default to a.m. or p.m.
    • The times are in chronological order. For example, you cannot list a later time (such as 12 p.m.) before an earlier time (such as 1 a.m.)
  3. Save the timetable after completing just one group of edits; for example if you have to edit a period from all cycle days and also change the start and end times of all the remaining periods, first delete the period from all cycle days, then save the timetable. Open up the copied timetable that was created ("Timetable" will be saved as "Timetable1") and then change the start and end times for all the remaining periods. Save and close the timetable.