• Verify that the Custom Report is linked to the correct report (.rpt) file
    1. Open the Custom Report
    2. Click the button to the right of the "Select Crystal Report" line
    3. If the report file is not in the folder that opens, browse to the correct folder and open the report file.
      * If you have recently moved to the Hosted Environment, you may need to upload your Crystal Report (.rpt) files to the Hosted Files Folder
  • ​​Re-export data from the export module
    1. Open the export
    2. Click on the "Export Now" button
    3. Verify that the location where the .MDB file is being saved is correct and click Save
  • Verify that the report is linked to the correct MDB data file
    Crystal XI
    1. Open the report in Crystal Reports
    2. Go to Database > Set Data Source Location
    3. In the "Replace With.." box at the bottom, expand on Create New Connection > Database Files
    4. Browse for the .MDB file and open it
    5. Select the .MDB file and click Update
    6. Click Close
    7. Refresh the report
    Crystal 8.5
    1. Open the report in Crystal Reports
    2. Go to Database > Set Location
    3. Click Set Location
    4. Expand on Database Files
    5. Double-click Find Database File
    6. Browse for the .MDB file and open it
    7. Click Set
    8. Click Done
    9. Refresh the report
  • If the database is hosted with Blackbaud, make sure the export .mdb data file and Crystal report .rpt files are saved in the hosted files folder
  • If no errors occur, recreate the custom report in the Blackbaud application.
    1. In the Blackbaud application, go to Reports > Custom Reports
    2. Click New
    3. On the first line, click the binoculars to select the export
    4. On the second line, click the button to the right to select the Crystal report file
    5. Click Preview
  • If the error still occurs, try renaming the Crystal report to a different name. Then from within the Blackbaud application, re-select the Crystal report that now has a new name.
  • If running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1, upgrade to Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 or higher. Contact your network administrator for assistance. Updating operating systems is beyond our beyond our Scope of Support.
NOTE: Is using a software like SAGE, that uses a later version of Crystal Run Time Components, then reports will not run in The Raiser's Edge because it is not compatible to run both version of Run Time Components on the same workstation.  SAGE (or the other software) or The Raiser's Edge will need to be installed on a separate workstation in order to generate reports successfully.