The Raiser's Edge has the capability to track the financial progress toward a solicitor's goal.  Users can record these goals so that a solicitor will receive credit when their efforts result in a donation to your organization.

Users can create, edit, and delete solicitor goals and assignments that corresponds to their goal's Campaign, Fund, or Appeal.

Note: All Gifts credited to the Solicitor will total for the Unspecified Solicitor Goal BB750427

  1. Open the constituent record of the solicitor.
  2. On the Bio 1 tab, click the Details button next to the Is a solicitor checkbox.
  3. Click New Goal.
  4. In the Goal record, set the Type of Goal : Campaign, Fund or Appeal.
  5. Select a Campaign, Fund or Appeal record from the dropdown menu for which the solicitor goal to correspond.
  6. Set the Goal amount, and Reports to and Notes fields as desired.
How it works:
  1. A user enters a gift into the Raiser's Edge and credits a solicitor with an existing solicitor goal.
  2. The user selects the Campaign, Fund, or Appeal that corresponds to the solicitor goal.
  3. The solicitor will receive credit toward that goal.
  4. To track solicitor goals, run the Solicitor Performance Analysis report .