1. In Configuration, click Business Rules and select Attendance

  2. For When calculating day attendance from class attendance, calculate using the, select number of classes in a day from the drop-down menu

    Note: This option tells the program to calculate attendance considering each class as one unit in the day.  For example, if you have eight classes in a day and a student is absent for four classes, when you select "number of classes in a day" the program calculates day attendance as four out of eight classes, equaling 0.5 day.

  3. In Reports, click Attendance Reports and create a new Daily Attendance Report

  4. On the General tab, mark the Create an output query of students checkbox
  5. On the Format tab, highlight Detail in the left window and mark the following checkboxes:
    • Include students by the number of attendance Units accumulated

    • Minimum units: [number of days absent]

  6. Specify other applicable report parameters and run the report