• Run an Appeal Performance Analysis report, which does not display the highest or lowest gifts.


    • To include all of the fields:


        Create an appeal query (BB19082). On the Criteria tab, select Appeal ID equals [the appeal]. On the Output tab, select:
        • Summary for Appeal, Total Number of Constituents (Gift)
        • Summary for Appeal, Total Number of Gifts
        • Summary for Appeal, Largest Gift
        • Summary for Appeal, Total Given

        There is no Lowest Gift field. To get this information:

          • In the Appeal query, on the Output and Sort tabs, select Gifts, Gift Amount. On the sort tab, ensure it is set to ascending (ASC), which is the default.
          • The first gift listed is the lowest gift
          • Note this amount and then remove the field from both the Output and Sort tabs so that you can print the output on one line. Otherwise, all of the above information prints once per gift.