In The Education Edge, you can define a separate school for each division, such as Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School, while maintaining just one database
  • Each school can have its own address for report cards and transcripts.
  • Each school can have its own scheduling setup including different cycle days, different start and end dates, different days in session, different periods in a day, and different terms.
  • Each school can have a unique grading and attendance setup. For example, in High School you can grade in Trimesters and take attendance by class, in Middle School you can grade in Quarters and take attendance by class, and in Lower School you can grade in Semesters and take attendance by day.
  • Courses are specific to one school, but you can schedule students across schools.

    Note: To schedule multiple schools at once, you must use the same Academic Year table entry and the same Session table entry across schools.
  • You can associate faculty/staff members and rooms with multiple schools. For example, you can have a separate Boys and Girls school that share the same faculty/staff or rooms.

Note: If you are converting your version 6 database to The Education Edge, you automatically convert to multiple schools if:

  1. You have more than one timetable
  2. The timetables' terms have any days in common
  3. You have scheduled classes in more than one of the timetables.

To add a school:

  1. On the Configuration page, click General.
  2. Click New School on the action bar.

    school configuration

    Note: You must have supervisor rights to have this option.

  3. In the School ID field, enter a unique identification code for the school, such as Upper, Middle, or Lower.
  4. In the Name field, enter the full name of the school.
  5. The Country, Address, City, State, ZIP, and Phone fields automatically default to the values entered on the General page. You can edit this information for each school, for example, if you have different campuses.
  6. To select the grade levels for the school, click the binoculars in the Grade levels field and mark Selected.

    Note: All grade levels are selected by default.
  7. Move the appropriate grade levels to the Include these grades box.
  8. Click OK.
  9. In the School gender field, select Coed, Female, or Male.

    Note: If you designate a school as single gender, this affects other areas of the program associated with the school. For example, the Course gender field does not appear on course records associated with the school.
  10. In the Current year field, the current academic year appears based on the date ranges of the academic years you define.

    Note: If a current academic year has not been defined, N/A appears.
  11. Click Save and Close.
  12. Exit and sign out. When you next log in, the new school will be available.