1. In Reports, click Statistical Reports.

  • Highlight Applicant Summary Report and click New

  • Select the General tab.

    • Breakdown

    Select up to three categories to break down the data in the report. For example, to see the boarding requirements you will have based on grade level and gender, you can set up the report to break down the included applicant statuses by the grade applicants applied to, the applicant gender, and the board type of the applicants.

    If you select ZIP Code in the Breakdown field and choose Selected in the Include field, the Breakdown by ZIP Code screen appears.

    To include applicants in the report whose ZIP Codes are not recorded, mark the Include applicants with blank ZIP Codes checkbox.

    To combine results based on a portion of a ZIP Code, mark the Summarize using first [ ] digits checkbox and enter a number between 1 and 12. The higher the number, the more ZIP Code categories are created in the report. Setting this value equal to or greater than the longest ZIP Code in the report has no effect in the report. For example, if you set the field value to 3, then applicants who have ZIP Codes that have the same first three digits are combined.

    To include only the top specified number of ZIP Codes in the report, mark the Show specific totals for the top [ ] ZIP Code groups checkbox and set the value between 1 and 99. If you mark this checkbox, the report is sorted by the number of applicants per ZIP Code, instead of being sorted alphabetically.

    If you marked the Show specific totals for the top [ ] ZIP Codes checkbox, you can mark the Summarize remaining ZIP Codes in one row checkbox to include a row that includes all the ZIP Codes not included in the top ZIP Codes.

    • Include

    In this column, you select whether to break down data by all or by selected values of the selected breakdown category. If you choose Selected, the standard filter screen appears and you select which values for the data type you selected in Breakdown to include. For example, if you select Age in Breakdown and Selected in this column, then when the filter screen appears you can select which ages to include in the breakdown. The applicants who are within the age range you select are tallied on one line in the report.

    • Specific Totals to Show

    Shows the values to include in the report. To enter values into this column, click Open to open the standard filter screen.

    • Summarize Others

    Mark this checkbox to include a summary of all values not included in the breakdown category on a separate line in the report. This checkbox is enabled when you set the Include column to Selected.

    • Suppress Zeros

    To not include rows in the report that have zero matches, mark this checkbox.

    • Report orientation

    In the Report orientation field, select Portrait or Landscape.

    • Paper Size

    Select the size paper on which you will print the report.

    • Select the Filters tab and select the appropriate filters

    • Select the Columns tab. Select the statuses to include in their own columns on the report. You can enter a heading for each column, whether to wrap the contents, and how to align the heading.

    • Select the Format tab. On the Format tab, you determine how the report appears.

    • Click Preview to preview the report

    For more information, refer to the Reports Guide for Admissions Office and the Reports Guide for Registrar's Office