Try each of the following to resolve this error:
  • Re-export the data from the Blackbaud application and verify that the report is linked to the correct MDB file
    1. Open the export in the Blackbaud application
    2. Click Export Now
    3. Verify that the data is saving to the correct folder location and click Save
    4. Click Save and Close on the export
    5. Open the report in Crystal Reports
    6. Go to Database > Set Datasource Location (or Database > Set Location in Crystal 8.5)
    7. Verify that the report is linked to the correct MDB file. If not, reset the location of the data source
  • Recreate the Custom Report entry
    1. In the Blackbaud application, go to Reports > Custom Reports
    2. Click New
    3. Select the existing Export
    4. Select the existing Crystal Report file
    5. Click Preview
    6. If this new Custom Report runs without error, delete the previous Custom Report
  • Have a Network Administrator verify the permissions on the folder where the Export is trying to create the MDB data file