Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.
To import records (gifts, memberships, actions, etc.) to existing constituent records, it is necessary to know the constituent ID, the constituent import ID, or the Social Security Number. We recommend recreating the file with all of the required information, especially the unique identifier. (For example, if it was sent to you by a mailhouse, request a new file from the mailhouse containing all of the required information.)

To find these unique numbers in the database using fields such as First and Last Name is a complicated process. The following is a possible method:

Note: Review the Basics of Importing before proceeding.

  1. Ensure the import file has the necessary fields to identify existing constituents in the database (Refer to How does the Duplicate Constituent Report process in 7.92+?).
  2. Add the headers to the import file. For information on the headers, refer to the Import Guide
  3. Go to Import > Constituent > New.
  4. On the General tab of the import, mark the options to Import new records, Validate data only,  and Use duplicate criteria for new records.                           Options on General tab of import
  5. Select your import file and ensure fields are mapped correctly on the Fields tab (For more information refer to What are field extensions in Import?).
  6. On the Summary tab, mark the option to Create control report.
  7. Click Validate Now.
  8. The control report for the import will give exceptions for each duplicate record, listing the existing record’s Constituent ID.                                              Import Control Report
  9. Copy the Constituent IDs into a column of a spreadsheet (for information on exporting and isolating the Constituent IDs into their own column through Excel, refer to
  10. Once you’ve got a column with only the Constituent IDs in it, you can copy and paste them into a Raiser’s Edge query using the steps in How to copy and paste multiple values at the same time into a query when using the One of operator.
  11. Add to the Output of the query: Constituent Name, Import ID, Phone Number, Address, and anything else that will help verify whether it’s a duplicate.
  12. Export the query results into Excel (How to export a query) or use the Export module (How to create an export), and sort the query results in the same order as the Import spreadsheet to compare the possible duplicates.
  13. Copy and paste the Import IDs of duplicates into your original Import spreadsheet, making sure that the Import IDs are matched to the correct constituents.                                                        File with Import IDs
  14. Using the Import ID to link the gift, membership, action or relationship to the correct constituent, continue with the import.
More information on the overall import processes can be found in the following articles: