1. In Reports, click Request Reports and highlight Student Requests.
  2. Click New or select an existing parameter, and click Open.
  3. On the General tab, select the school, academic year, session, and start terms to include.
  4. In the Display each student's requests by field, select Course ID, Course name, Course description, or Course grade level.
  5. If you have FaWeb you will have an option to "Include [ ] Requests". You can select to include only requests approved by faculty, only requests unapproved by faculty, or requests both approved and unapproved by faculty. 
  6. You can mark the Show only unfulfilled requests checkbox to list students' unfulfilled requests.
  7. You can mark the Create an output query of students checkbox. This query is available for use in other areas of the program.
  8. In the Report orientation field, select Portrait or Landscape.
  9. Select the Filters tab to further define the students and courses included in the report. For example, you can filter by student status, student grade level, course type, course department, and/or course grade level.  You can even filter by a query.
  10. Select the Columns tab to choose the columns to appear on the report. For example, you can include Course ID, Term of Request, Request Priority, and Request Status.

    Columns tab

  11. Select the Format tab to define the look of the report. For example, in the Headings section, you can select to print the page number and report date in the header. In the Sort/Break section, you can select student grade level descending as the primary sort with student name ascending as the secondary sort. You can also instruct the program to start each student grade level on a new page by marking the checkbox in the Break? column.
  12. Click Preview to preview the report.