1. Create a constituent export
2. Select event participation fields from the Event participations section on the Output tab under Available fields to export.

If you need to export Participations in a certain order, this order can be specified by exporting each field individually:
  1. Go to Event Participations > Select desired field. 
  2. Under For each Constituent, enter the number of Events to export, enter 1. 
  3. Click Selected Event Types, and move the Type of the desired Event Type to the right pane. 
  4. Enter the date of the desired event in the Start Date and End Date fields. 
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  1. For each additional event, reselect the participation information with new criteria using the steps in How to export the same field multiple times with different criteria by using criteria groups.
  2. If desired, change the column headings by right-clicking the Participation field and selecting Column Heading... (More information in How to edit column headers in Export)
  3. When all events are listed, the participation fields can be ordered as desired by highlighting Event Participations and clicking the up and down arrows. 
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