In version 7.94 and higher:
Please note that Phone Sharing functionality is no longer present in The Raiser’s Edge software beginning with version 7.94, and higher.

In version 7.93 and earlier versions:
When you copy and share an address between constituent records, or constituent and relationship records, phone numbers in the Phones/Email/Links grid are also shared. This allows you to change the phone number on one record and have the program automatically update it on all the constituents that share it. To share (or unshare) phone numbers:

  1. Make the phone type shareable (or not shareable). (By default, phone types are shareable.):
    1. Click Config, Tables  
    2. Highlight Phone types in the left frame  
    3. Double-click the specific phone type in the right frame  
    4. To allow the phone type to be shared, unmark the Do not share phones of this type box. To prevent the phone type from being shared on any record, mark the Do not share phones of this type box.  
    5. Click OK  
  2. Share (or unshare) the phone number on the constituent record:
    1. Open the constituent record on which to share the phone numbers  
    2. Add a new address or open an existing address. Copy or link the address to another constituent's address.  
    3. For each phone number, select:
      • Not Shared: This option indicates the phone number is not currently shared, but it has the ability to be shared if the appropriate options are selected.
        Note: If the phone number is currently shared and you change the status in the Shared column to Not Shared, the link for the phone number is broken only for that address record. When you break the link between shared addresses, all shared phone numbers change to Not Shared.
      • Shared: Select this option if you do want to share phone numbers.
        • If a phone number of this type is already on the other constituent's record, a prompt appears: "At least one other address shared with this one already has a telephone number of type "Home." Do you want to overwrite these existing telephone number(s) with the new "Home" telephone number.
          To accept the changes and update the numbers to share, click Yes. To maintain the numbers already on the records and not share them, click No or Cancel. To see which addresses are shared, click Show Addresses.
        • If the phone type is not on the other record, the phone type and phone number are added to all records that share the address.
      • Do Not Share: Select this option if you do not want to share a specific phone number  
      • Cannot Be Shared: When the phone type is marked as Do not share phones of these types in Configuration, The Raiser's Edge automatically selects Cannot Be Shared as the phone type for the phone number and you are unable to manually change it. If you need to share this phone type, follow the instructions above to make it shareable. The program will change the phone number from Cannot Be Shared to Not Shared. You may then manually change this to Shared.  
    For additional information on phone sharing refer to the Constituent Data Entry Guide (PDF 6866K) and the Configuration & Security Guide (PDF).