The setup of the dates of the Products and Billing Items determines how they are to be copied.  To determine the setup of your system, open a Product and Billing Item to be copied.  Check the option selected next to Date.  This will show that the billing item is either associated with a billing cycle (e.g. 2010-2011) or has specific dates (option says "Item can only be used from"). 
  • For Product and Billing Items associated with a Billing Cycle, please refer to How to Copy a Billing Cycle. (BB711008)
  • For Product and Billing Items associated with Specific Dates, please refer to the steps below.

How to copy product and billing items not associated with a billing cycle: 
  1. In Configuration, click Products and Billing Items.
  2. Click Copy on the task bar or select Tools, Copy Products/Billing Items from the menu bar.
  3. On the General tab, select a date and date range in the Valid from date within and Valid to date within fields.
  4. To change the unit or per usage price of the copied records, mark Change unit/per usage price of copied items by [], and select amount to change the dollar value or Percent to change the value by a percentage.
  5. Select to increase or decrease the amount or percentage, then enter the change value in the amount or percent field.
  6. To change the price on copied product pricing schedules, mark Change unit price on pricing schedules of products.
  7. To change schedule dates from weekends, mark Change schedule dates that fall on a weekend to and select the previous weekday or the next weekday.
  8. On the Filters tab, select the appropriate Products and Billing Item Type, Products and Billing Item, or Product and Billing Item Attribute filter.
  9. On the Preview tab. Products and billing items that meet your specifications appear in the grid. You can select or deselect records and make changes to the New Start, New End, and New Amount fields on the grid.
  10. To view a report of the records that will be copied, click Pre-copy report.
  11. When you are satisfied with the results, click Copy now.
  12. To view a control report of the copied records, click View Control Report.

Note: If items are missing when copying, refer to Product and Billing Items are missing when using the Copy Product and Billing Items feature. (BB462482)

For additional information about Products and Billing Items, refer to the Student Billing Configuration Guide (PDF).