Note: The system calculates the ending date of bill codes based on a 365 day year. In leap years (366 days), the ending date of bill codes will be one day earlier than the previous year.
    1. In Student Billing Administration, click Add, Copy, or Delete bill codes.
    2. In the Action field, select Copy Bill Codes. 
    3. In the Query name field, click the binoculars. Select a query or click Add New to create one. 
    4. In the Copy bill codes ending on field, enter the end date of the bill code being copied from. 
    5. Mark the options to print a control report or create an exception query. 
    6. Use the arrows to move the appropriate bill codes to the Include these bill codes box. 
    7. Click Preprocessing Report. 
    8. When you are satisfied with the results, click Copy Now.