To run the Grade Analysis Report:
  1. In Reports, click Grade reports, highlight the Grade Analysis Report and click New.
  2. On the General tab, select the appropriate School, Academic Year, Session, and Marking Column.
  3. In the Group By field, select Teacher, Student, Student Grade Level, Student Gender, Course, Class, or Course Department.
  4. If you select Teacher, Student Grade Level, Course, or Department in the Group by field, you can mark the Analyze by checkbox and select from the available options to further group the report.
  5. Define the grades or grade ranges to analyze by column:


    1. Click Add Column, enter a name for the first grade column. If looking for percentage of grades per class, in the second row, select percent from the drop down menu. Click OK.
    2. Highlight the new column and in the grid to the right, select Numeric or Grade from the Grade type drop-down menu.
    3. In the Grade From (Low) and Grade To (High) columns, select the range of grades or numeric values to include in the selected column.
    4. Repeat for each grade or grade range to show on the report
  6. On the Filters tab, filter the records to include in the report
  7. Print or print preview the report
For more information on the Grade Analysis report, refer to the Reports Guide for Registrar's Office (PDF)