• On the Fields to Include tab of the mailing, ensure the following fields are selected:

      Constituent Information, Key indicator

      Addressee/Salutation, Salutation

    • Click Send to Word merge wizard and follow the prompts to create or edit the merge document
    • In the merge document, place the cursor where the salutation should appear
    • Select Insert Word field, If...Then...Else...
    • In the Field Name drop-down, select Key_indicator
    • In the Comparison drop-down, select Equal to
    • In the Compare to field, enter O. ('O' stands for 'Organization.')
    • In the Insert this text field, enter Friend
    • Enter I in the Otherwise insert this text field. ('I' stands for 'Individual.')
    • Click OK
    • If the If...Then...Else... formula does not appear, display the merge fields. The formula should appear in the Word document as follows:

      {IF {MERGEFIELD Key_indicator}="O" "Friend" "I"}

    • Delete I in the last set of quotation marks and leave the cursor at this location
    • Select Insert Raiser's Edge field, Salutation. The formula should appear as follows:

      {IF {MERGEFIELD Key_indicator}="O" "Friend" "{MERGEFIELD Salutation}"}

    • Continue editing the merge document and click Save and Return to RE7
    Note: Inserting an If-Then-Else field is a Word functionality and we cannot assist with implementing or troubleshooting this functionality.