• Create a gift query (BB19082) for the gifts to include in the report
    • On the Output tab of the query, select:

      Gift Information, Gift Amount

      Gift Information, Gift Date

      Gift Information, Gift Type.

      Constituent, Name


    • Save and close the query
    • Create a pivot report (BB88412) based on the query created in steps 1 through 3
    • In the pivot report, right-click anywhere on the screen and select Field List.
    • On the Field List screen, select Gift Date breakdown, Year (Quarter, Month, or Day) and move it to the Column Area
    • To break the report down by gift type, select Gift Type, Gift Type and move it to the Column Area
    • Select Name, Name and move it to the Row Area
    • Select Totals, Total Gift Amount and move it to the Totals Area