Possible causes: 
  1. No date was entered for the test.
  2. Date of test falls outside of the academic year.
  3. The Test Type or Subtest Types are not included in the Test Scores parameters.
  4. Student does not have progression entry for the academic year.
  5. No test scores are entered on the student's Tests tab.
  6. Test is not marked to print on the student's Tests tab.
Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Open the student's record and select the Tests tab.
  2. Ensure that test scores are entered.
  3. In the Date field for the the test that is not showing on the transcript, enter a date within the appropriate academic year.
  4. Mark the Print? checkbox for the test score.
  5. Save and close the student's record.
  6. Rerun transcripts.
  7. Open the Test Scores section and verify that all applicable Test Type and Subtest Types are included.
  8. Add a Student Progression Entry.
** Test scores will also not populate if NO date is entered for a test. This occurs even if All is selected for the academic years filters.

For more information on transcripts, see the Mail Guide for The Education Edge.