To print schedules in a grid, refer to How to run the Schedules report (BB149271)
  1. In Reports, click Scheduling Reports 
  2. From the list on the left, select Schedule Lists and click New on the action bar 
  3. On the New Schedule Lists screen, in the Print schedules for field, select Teachers, Rooms, Students, Courses, or Times 
  4. Select the school, academic year, session and terms to include 
  5. You can mark the Print schedules changed as of checkbox and select a time frame, such as Today, This week, or Last month 
  6. You can mark the Create an output query checkbox 
  7. In the Report orientation field, select Portrait or Landscape 
  8. Select the Meetings tab 
  9. In the Group times by field, select Period, Block, or Times of Day
    Note: If you are printing schedules for Times, you can select Block or Period in the Group times by field 
  10. In the Include grid, select the periods, patterns, or blocks to include 
  11. You can mark the Include classes with no meetings checkbox 
  12. Select the Filters tab to define the records included. For example, select specific classes or course grade levels. 
  13. Select the Columns tab to choose the columns for the report. For example, for when printing Schedules Lists for teachers, you can include the columns Class ID, Number enrolled, Cycle Day ID, Period ID, and Classroom. 
  14. Select the Format tab to determine the look of the report. For example, in the Name Formats section, choose the addressee/salutation to use for teachers.
  15. Click Preview.