All transactions posted to General Ledger are validated as a batch. Before posting transactions to the General Ledger accounts, the batch must pass a set of validation rules to prevent an "Out of balance" situation. If a batch does not satisfy these rules, a failed Batch Validation Report prints showing the problem transactions (i.e., exceptions).

The batch validation occurs before the Pre-post Report is produced and again before the transactions actually post. Although reference is a required field, transactions do not need to balance by that field. The batch validation rules are as follows:

  • Fund: The batch must be in balance by Fund.
  • Period: Debit and Credit transactions must balance by accounting period. You cannot use closed periods on transactions.
  • Amount: Total of all Debit transactions must equal the total of all Credit transactions.
  • By Period within Fund: Batches containing transactions for more than one period are checked to ensure the debits and credits within each fund are in balance.
  • Source: Transactions must balance by Source Code.
  • Projects*: Transactions must balance by Project*.
  • Class: Transactions must balance by Class*
  • Transaction Codes Transactions must balance by Transaction code*

*Note: This is a validation requirement only if transactions are required to balance based on these characteristics on the Fund in Configuration.

If a batch fails validation, the Batch Validation Report (which you can preview or print) highlights the exception transactions. To find out if a batch has failed validation, look at the Validation Balance Section (listed by Source, Fund, and Project, and within each of these, by Period and Type) of the Batch Validation Report. Click the Last Page toolbar button to view this section of the report. Error: Out of balance when posting or validating

If the debits do not equal credits in any section, you will see Out of Balance in the Message field.

Following are some common exceptions: