Registrar's Office

  • The Attendance Taken checkbox is available only when selecting Attendance Entry by Class. This does not include Attendance Entry by Cycle, for Class.
  • If a class spans more than one period, each meeting of the class for that day appears in a separate column in the grid
  • You can enter a date range in Start Date and End Date to display class meetings for multiple days in the grid
  1. In Attendance, click Enter class attendance
  2. Open the appropriate class
  3. Enter attendance
  4. Mark the Attendance taken checkbox for the appropriate day(s)
  5. Save the class attendance

Faculty Access for the Web

  • In Attendance the teacher selects Yes in the Attendance Taken row to indicate that attendance has been taken for a class.
  • When teachers save attendance, the attendance entries and Attendance Taken values for each class meeting are automatically saved to Attendance in Registrar's Office
  1. Select either Enter attendance using grid or Enter attendance using seating chart from the Attendance menu.
  2. Select the appropriate term, class and date range.
  3. Enter attendance and indicate attendance has been taken
    • If using the attendance grid, select Yes from the Attendance Taken drop down menu
    • If using the seating chart, click the Yes button next to Taken?
  4. Click Save
Note: Enter attendance using seating chart is only available in FAWeb version 7.83 and higher.