Advocacy actions are used to record actions that constituents complete in response to an action alert, action email, appeal, or phone call from your organization.

Advocacy actions can be added manually or can be added through the Capwiz integration (BB234800). To add an advocacy action manually:

    • Click Records, Constituent
    • Open a constituent record and select the Actions tab
    • Click New Action
    • For the Category field, select Advocacy. The following fields become available when this category is selected:

      • Alert Title: Title of the alert in Capwiz
      • Issue: Broad category used to group advocacy alerts
      • Delivery Method: The way that the advocacy was communicated (e.g., email, phone, letter)
      • Recipient Name: The person who received the advocacy action (e.g., Senator or President)
      • Message ID: Unique identifier of the advocacy action

      If Capwiz is integrated with NetSolutions, advocacy actions can be downloaded from Capwiz (BB234800) and added to constituent records via the Download Transactions screen in NetSolutions.  All the fields listed above, except Issue, are automatically populated when downloading advocacy actions from Capwiz.