From the Data Health Center, you can submit a free checkup once a year for AddressFinder and DeceasedRecordFinder (PhoneFinder and EmailFinder are not included).

The free checkup gives you a high level picture of information that may be missing, incomplete, or outdated. If the checkup indicates that an update is recommended, you can purchase one or more of the services listed and submit a group of records for analysis. When the information is returned, you can process the update(s), which import the most current data into your database.

To submit a free checkup:

  1. Click Data Health Center
  2. Click Submit for Free Checkup
  3. Select the parameters for the data to be analyzed
  4. Click Submit File Now

To check the status of a Free Checkup that has been submitted, please contact your account representative for Data Enrichment Services.

The services currently available in the Data Health Center are: