Font size changes for Comments or Notes when printing report cards

For comments that appear to be formatted correctly in FAWeb Gradebook and in Registrar's Office, Enter Grades by Student, the font size changes and prints differently on report cards and/or transcripts.  This can occur when the comments/notes were copied and pasted from word processor programs, such as Microsoft Word and unsupported formatting was used in the program that was copied from.
For detailed instructions on what text formatting can be used on report cards and to prevent this issue from occurring in the future, refer to: How to use rich text formatting in Faculty Access for the Web (BB128056).

If only a few student comments are affected, take the following steps:
  1. In Registrar's Office, Grades, Enter Grades by Student, open the grade comment window for the affected course/marking column, select all, and cut the comment
  2. Open a new Microsoft Notepad and paste the comment into the Notepad
  3. In Registrar's Office, click OK on the grade comment window, then click Save on the Enter Grades by Student screen 
  4. In Notepad, select all and copy the grade comment from Notepad
  5. In Registrar's Office, re-open the grade comment window and paste the comment back in
  6. Click OK, then Save and Close
  7. Repeat the above steps for each affected student comment

If a large number of student comments are affected, take the following steps:
  1. Have teachers take the above steps within FAWeb Gradebook
  2. Re-post the comments from FAWeb to Registrar's Office

NOTE: Notes copied from Microsoft Word that were capitalized using the All Caps function in Word (under Format, Font in the menu bar) will lose the capitalization when pasted into Faculty Access for the Web for a Student Note. If capitalized Comments are going to be copied from Word, enter them with capital letters, rather than using the All Caps function.


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